My partner and I had sex on 7/18 with a spermicidal condom and spermicide that was at the end of its effective hour. At the end we got carried away and when I pulled out the condom was loose and some cum likely slipped over the edge. She took plan b around 12 hours after.

Now is the confusing part; she took plan b previously on the last day of June and got her period on 7/6. She then had what seemed like another period from 7/16 to 7/18 and we had sex on the 18th. She said the bleeding was moderate flow and red, like a period. She says she has about a 32 day cycle.

We have no idea what is going on with her and whether or not the 2 day bleeding marks the start of another cycle. We don't know when she ovulate(s/ed) but all of this makes me think we got plan b into her before she ovulated. (Since we had sex on the 12th day assuming the 6th was the start and the two day bleeding had no effect on her cycle). I'm terrified of the consequences of pregnancy and parents finding out and I'm definitely not having sex ever again without real birth control. What insight does everyone have regarding chances of pregnancy and her even ovulating when we had sex?