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ok so , its my first time to had sex with my boyfriend .
when we were about to put his *you know* in me . he placed it only thrice . but in 3 different times .
it was a week afetr my period. should i be concerened ?
i tried to read this pregnancy sympotms and everything but the following are most occasionally .
dizziness . yes
feeling of bloated . yes
slight cramping. often
mood swings. yes
early sleep than usual . yes
vomitting . no
swolen breasts. no
backache. no
frequent urination . no
food cravings , ocassionally
and i am expecting my period on the 28th of this month . what if it doesnt come ?
am i pregnant ? ? plssss . help :'(


I would wait it is very early to get syptoms. Did you use protection? I have read that sometimes when you think about it alot you will convince yourself you are. If you miss your period then you should take a test but I would still wait a week afterwards.


well . no we did not use protection . but from the information i gave . is there a possibility that i am ?


Anytime you have unprotected sex, no matter when during your cycle, you can become pregnant. Wait until you are sure you have missed your period, then take a test. Good luck!


I had unprotect sex with hubby on 19th and my period dates are 8th of every month. bt our sex was not at all intercourse bt it still touched vagina.. bt not intercourse.. generally i never have delayed period..


another lady wrote:

Dear lady

I hav few questions answer it first then i will tell u some solution.

R U an Indian (Yes/No)

Do u know wht is Indian Culture (Yes/No)

Do u love ur parents (yes/No)

R u educated (yes/No)

Are u awared about contoms & pills (Yes/No)

dear how can u do this ... hav u remembered ur parents .. if some think bad happens what u will do ..???

My God plz give brains to these kindly of girls .. shame on u ..

Now without any shame asking questions .....

wait till ur periods come if it comes then ur parents are lucky or u r lucky ...

Try to have pappaya and pineapple. Still it happens its a lession for u ...


Quite frankly i find your post both offensive and racist. What does being Indian and knowing what indian culture is have to do with this ladies question? And, questioning whether she loves her parents is just terrible. It is you that should be ashamed not the poor lady who has simply asked a question. If you don't like the people, races or ages of those asking questions on this site, then I would recommend you visit another one. But, before you do I would read her post again - you assume she is a young girl but she hasn't stated her age. How do you know she's not a 35 yr old woman having sex for the first time with a boyfriend? Lady your comments in regards to this post are an absolute disgrace!!!!


I have unprotected sex with my boyfriend and before we started having sex I used to have my period one the 3 but now since we have unprotected sex I start on the 21 and sometimes I do have period symptoms before my period now