My boyfriend and I were messing around and I gave him a blowjob. I made him cum and it kind of got all over both of us. We attempted to clean it up some what with our hands so I know he had cum on his fingers. We then made out for a while longer and then he began to finger me deep. That being said I'm not sure if his hands would be dry or not and if he has any still on his hands. He has to unbutton my pants and stuff so it took a while. I would say 5 mins from cleaning it up to fingering. He also fumbled with a condom (we didn't end up using it) and fingered me after touching himself to put it on. Could I be Prego? This happened on the 20th I was suppose to get my period on the 25th but it's now the 27th. I'm peeing more, my boobs are heavy and sore. And I'm cramping. My discharge is also watery to nothing at all. Please help.