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so me and my girlfriend (we are high school sophomores) were fooling around and we started grinding (this was around 2-3 weeks ago i am not sure exactly when). Keep in mind, when i say grinding i had on boxers and she had on both her pants and underwear. i didnt come, however i did have some pre-cum, but whenever it was getting wet i rearranged my boxers to a clean and dry spot. i didnt finish. later, she gave me a h*****b, and i did come (she was still fully clothed). she didnt get any on her besides her hand. after i was done, we both washed our hands separetly. she didnt touch her genitals at all and neither did i (she didnt afterwards either). 

now, this all seems well but 5 days ago, her period didnt come and it hasnt come. we are scared that she may be pregnant. however, school did start recently so she could be stressed out about that (she was also very stressed because someone she knows thats close to her is in the hospital plus she had to worry about getting gifts for people). she also is on the younger side, so her cycle could be messed up too. she does not exibit any pregnancy symptoms (she has not complained about her breasts, no frequent urination, no nausea) however she could be described as kinda moody lately and she has had some cravings lately.

i would just like some other, maybe more experienced opinons on the matter to really decide if she is infact pregnant (we are super worried on the issue) thank you every1


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Hi it's most likely down to the stress she is under or just irregular cycle as any present sperm wouldn't be able to penetrate through clothing.