He wanked and made sure to wash all his cum off and urinated at least twice the night before we messed around. My boyfriend and I were messing around with foreplay and he initially rubbed his DRY (I think) penis head against my vagina to get lubricants because I was really wet. Afterwards, we moved on to normal foreplay whereby he wanked right above my chest. He ejaculated on my chest and it was not dry yet. We immediately took a shower without the ejaculated semen on my chest drying or even wiping it off and I made sure I rinsed it all away. My period is usually REALLY irregular and by irregular I mean like it could range to a surprise visit 15 days after my previous period or 43 days after my previous period. My period is 2 days late this time (going by a 30 day cycle) and we were doing the messing around on when my period was supposed to be due. Will I get pregnant due to not washing the semen off with precaution or with a possibility that he rubbed precum against my very much wet vagina?