I have recently came out of my long term relationship with my boyfriend and its made everything worse. A year ago I had two positive pregnancy tests and told my boyfriend we didn't know what to do as we were both quite young so while we talked it out we kept it a secret. However a month later I started bleeding heavily and got really bad stomach cramps I then passed some tissue that was about a 2 pound coin size. I was scared to te anyone purely because I was ashamed. I told my boyfriend and a week later did another pregnancy test and it was negative. From that me and my boyfriend had a lot of trouble and it recently made us have an abusive break up. I now am overly really down and feeling like I need help. I also keep having really bad stomach cramps I don't know if its related to this. I now want to go to the doctors and talk about it however will they be able to help me? Please somebody answer back, I really don't think I can deal with this anymore.