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Alright, so my girlfriend and I have just recently started to fool around. We were both virgins. About 3 weeks ago I stuck my penis in her for literally a second, unprotected. A week later I put it in her for a second time, unprotected, for a few seconds. A couple days later (from what I understand of what she's told me) she began feeling kind of crummy. Headaches, stomach aches and a bit of dizziness. I ruled out pregnancy since it was only a week after the first we did anything. However, that went on (mostly stomach aches) for about two weeks. Then, two weeks after the second time we did anything, we had sex again, with protection, three days in a row. The day after the third day she complained of a sharp pain in her lower stomach and told me "it's been going on for a couple weeks."

I started to get a bit nervous and I asked her if it was her period. She said "I have no idea." Then I asked when her last period was and she said "I don't know, like 6 months ago. I'm really irregular." WOW. 

So, basically I am at a loss here. I have no idea what's going on with her body. Could the weirdness coming from her body be the fact that she just had sex for the first time after not having her period for 6 months? Could the sex have triggered a period to finally come back? She says some days the pain hurts so bad she can't walk, and other days it feels fine. Could the pain be the effects of first time sex? Or could it even be pregnancy (which I don't think it is since the symptoms came much earlier than for a pregnancy)?

I'm really worried for her. She says she will be fine and it will go away and that I shouldn't worry, but I can't help but worry when this isn't normal for other woman, from what I understand. Please help me.


Is she sure she just doesn't have the stomach flu or something? I've never heard of sex bring on a period but maybe it could be possible? If her pain is that painful and it keeps happening she should get that checked out. good luck!