My boyfriend and I had intercourse on the 12th(two weeks ago) we didn't use one when he first put it in but then I kept nagging at him so he did. That following Friday, so a week later, we had intercouse again. But this time, he used one for a little bit then he took it off because we didn't think we'd keep doing it. A few minutes later, we began doing it again and this time it was without the condom. He never once cummed in me at all but we also know that there is precum. The thing is, is that I have very irregular periods. I haven't had my period within 2 months. So for the past two weeks I have been experiencing upper and lower cramps from time to time. I feel bloated sometimes and I've been constipated. But yesterday and this morning I actually 'went to the bathroom'. I feel like I have to burp or like there's a lot of air trapped in my stomach and my breasts are somewhat tender. Also for the past 2-3 days I've had headaches. Am I pregnant or am I just overthinking it all and just overly stressed? Can being stressed over pregnancy cause symptoms? Please help and don't judge. Thank you