I'm 17 years old and on depo provera. I'm due to take the second one next month. I've only had one partner and it's still current. I stopped having sexual activity about 2-3 weeks ago because i was having gallbladder surgery. It was July 4th, the last time i did. I haven't had my period since about December of 2016. My doctor told me since i was over weight, that had something to do with losing my period. But then again, i read that i might have Cushing's Syndrome, and that was one of the signs. So anyway, I'm really concerned because about 3 days ago, i went to the bathroom and found blood when i had wiped. I panicked and kept wiping, only to find more blood. Since it didn't have any of the usual uterine lining in it, i thought i had a cut or something down there. When i checked again, it was gone. I used a panty liner just in case i bled anymore, and there was a small dark red spot. As the days went by, i noticed that there was small amounts of blood, so i asked a nurse because i was in a mental hospital at the time, and she told me it was just spotting because the hormone levels in the depo shot were going down, meaning i need another one soon. Now it's been a couple days since that day, and now i have this brownish discharge. I'm pretty sure it's just old blood. Most of the time when I wipe, the only thing that shows up is brown mucous like discharge. It's almost gone, but I'm just curious as to why I'm getting it. I cramp a little bit too. Not as painful as a normal period. I'm STD free, and all my pregnancy tests come back negative. What's going on? Is it something i should be concerned about...?