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Alright, so my last period was the 5th to the 10th or so. I had unprotected sex with my guy on the 14th and 19th. I was taking my birth control fairly regularly, but I forgot one overnight and was extremely late on another one. I stopped taking it on the 20th. It is now the 23rd and I started bleeding yesterday. I shouldn't get my period for almost two more weeks. Could I be pregnant or is it more likely that my cycle is out of whack?

UPDATE: I think the bleeding has pretty much stopped. I haven't had back pain like I normally do with my period and the bleeding has only lasted about three days(Midway through Thursday till Sun. morning). Could this still be because I stopped my birth control? Would that cause a short period without back pain? Or is it more likely that I'm pregnant?


It could be that you have stopped taking your birth control and your body is trying to adjust to that, however you shouldnt have stopped them the next day after you had unprotected intercourse, due to the fact that sperm can live inside a womens body anywhere from 3 to 5 days......I would suggest waiting about two weeks or so and do a pregnancy test just to see, if this is neg, wait another week and retest to be sure if you are or arent....Hope this helps!!