Hello can anyone help me :( Iv been on Cerazette for about 2-3 years. But about 2half years in I started getting a strong pressure feeling in my lower belly so I went doctors he sent me for scans and the results had come back as I had small cyst on my ovaries, So he add advised me to come off the pill to see whether to cysts go he said maybe it's due to the pill or wether it's pcos (poly cystic ovary syndrome) so iv come off it like was told. This was on the 31st October 2013. I had a small bleed about 18th December 2013. For about 5 days and now nothing had a few bellyaches like period pain but no bleeding. Am I gonna have a period any time soon? Me and my partner have been talking about a family. So we started trying after I had my bleed as we both assumed it was a period few weeks later I done a Pregnancy test, was negavatie. But I felt pregnant :/ but wasn't iv now missed my period. I don't no what to do or think. can anyone help me.