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High blood pressure is a very common health problem that can really affect your quality of life - especially if it gives you a stroke or a heart attack! Regular exercise is a hypertension remedy you may not have considered yet, but that can really work.

One in three adult Americans suffers from high blood pressure, and less than half of those have their hypertension under control. For around 348,000 people per year in the United States, high blood pressure is the primary cause of death. These statistics present a compelling case for seeing a family doctor regularly, getting your blood pressure measured, and taking medication where necessary.

Have you been diagnosed with high blood pressure recently?

You may be anxious about taking hypertension medication every day, and are probably worried about the possible side effects. Until you find a drug — or more likely a combination of several different medications — that work for you, the side effects could be pretty bad. And it can take months to reach the point at which you are taking the drugs that keep your blood pressure down to a healthy level and do not have intolerable side effects.

It is hardly surprising that most people will look into alternative high blood pressure remedies before going on medication, or while they are suffering the adverse effects that come with their drugs. Garlic, fish oil, artichoke, black seed oil, eliminating salt from your diet, and lowering your alcohol intake are just some examples of steps some people take to attempt to get their hypertension under control.

Does this describe you?

You're certainly taking some proactive steps, and will hopefully lower your blood pressure a little through these actions. You may well be overlooking a very effective high blood pressure remedy, however. This remedy is exercise! Many people can successfully bring their blood pressure down to acceptable levels through working out alone.

Take this example — Anna, a 50 year old woman, was diagnosed with high blood pressure six years ago and started taking a combination of two different hypertension drugs three years back. When she entered the menopause, she put on weight in her abdominal area and decided to get rid of it by following along with the Steady Health exercise videos you can see on YouTube. Here's what happened to her:

“I started exercises to get rid of my 'muffin top', and I really got into it. The Steady Health videos turned me into a real work-out junkie and I went at it quite vigorously. After a while, I noticed a wonderful side effect: my blood pressure went down so much that I actually had low blood pressure! I decided to take half a pill less and that went fine.”

But this story unfortunately doesn't have a happy ending. Anna continues: “One day, my back really started hurting and I had to stop doing the exercises. When my back got better, I didn't get back into my exercise routine and the blood pressure went right up, so I had to add the extra half a pill in again.”

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