Recent research revealed that a new mechanism is found that enables ovarian cancer to evade frontline chemotherapy drugs and rebound. Researchers said that women who have a cancer – causing variant of a gene called BRCA2 respond very good to drugs such as cisplatin and carboplatin but in many cases resistance eventually builds and experts don’t know why yet.

Scientists believe that the explanation lies with mutations in BRCA2 that’s recently discovered. It seems that in healthy form this gene has a job of repairing damaged DNA but a flawed version disrupts that ability and that increases risk that mutant cells survive and develop into tumors. Researchers believe that this new mutations act like a switch which alters the faulty BRCA2 gene in the cancer cell.

Experts discovered that the change restores BRCA2’ s repair function enabling the gene to patch up DNA damage done by the platinum drugs and allowing cancer cell to survive. These findings offer a new way of identifying which women may be at risk from recurrent ovarian tumors and doctors believe that this study may predict better who will respond to different chemotherapy agents better.