Statistics say that contraceptive pill has prevented about two hundred thousand cases of ovarian cancer in a period of 50 years since it’s being used. Researchers claim that it will prevent more and more cases of ovarian cancer in the following years. Study showed that women who use oral contraceptives have smaller chances of developing ovarian cancer than woman who are not using the pill. Experts also claim that the risk is smaller if the women are longer on the pill.

Statistics showed that women who are ten years on the pill have reduced risk of ovarian cancer by a third and the risk of developing cancer is reduced even 30 years after women stop taking the pill. However, some other researches indicate that women who use pill have increased risk of developing breast, cervix cancer.

40 years ago doses of estrogen in the pill were double those of the ones 20 years after when the hormone formulation was slimmed down and even so there were not so noticeable change in the relative risk of ovarian cancer no matter to the year. That’s why experts say pill has great benefits in preventing cancer and in reproductive health in general.