New genetic marker could help experts to detect the development of breast cancer in it’s early stages. Researchers found that women who have certain DNA variation have 1.4 times more chance of developing breast cancer when compared to women without this gene. During the study researchers used genome – wide association mapping which looks at genetic variations across the entire genome that alter the individual building blocks of DNA makeup. It was discovered that these alterations may be more relevant in persons who have certain types of disease than in those without such disease.

Experts found that this gene is located on a specific chromosome and they connected it with breast cancer risk. These findings are very important because of the method of genome – wide association use to discover this new locus as well as others in recent months. Researchers are sure that these findings can increase the understanding of the genetic variants responsible for breast cancer. This new marker is still only a part of research studies and is not available to the general public. Researchers are working on finding possible changes in two genes in the chromosome 6q region.