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why do have so many back pain it it hurt really bad only when i lie on my back or right side is it possible that i can be pregnant after being off the shot sine dece 11.2006 i took a test four week from today it was negitive


I doubt your back pain is from being pregnant if you are. If you are you usually wouldn't get back pain until you're towards the end of your pregnancy. Even then alot of woman don't get it. It might be a good idea to talk to your doctor about the options of what could be wrong with your back. After I gave birth to my daughter I had severe back pain, my daughter is almost 15 months. that's a year and a month that i've basically been having back pain. I just found out that I have minimal arthritis in my lower back. It's very hard to determine what's wrong with someones back, but just like in my case, sometimes it's not even curable.