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I had my daughter and then 6 weeks later my husband and I had unprotected sex although due to a crying newborn he didn't "finish"....thought I was ok then a few days later i get my depo's been 4-5 months and im worried im pregnant because I told the doctors there wasn't a chance I could be before i got the shot....I'm wanting to find out about this on the down low because I don't want anything stirred up...will the depo effect a home pregnancy test?


Hi, have you taken home pregnancy test yet or no? I mean if your husband did not ejaculate inside of you before you got a depo shot than there is no way you can get pregnant. Depo is 99.7% protective so there is no way you can get pregnant while on this stuff. This is the best birth control out there. Only way to get pregnant on this stuff is to actually miss the shot.

From my point of view i highly  doubt it that you got pregnant before the shot. I mean, you said your husband did not ejaculate or anything. Depo can cause pregnancy like symptoms. You can check out this topic and see what others are saying about the same problem. Hope this helps. Here is the link: