My Daughter went off the depo shot in January after being on it for less than a year. Two weeks ago she developed severe flu like systoms so bad that while in the car I had to pull over becasue she felt sick. She has abdominal pain along with back and joint pain. We saw our Physician last week her gave her phenegran and zantac thinking it might be acid reflux. The Dr. also wanted her/us to collect stool samples and take them to a lab to rule out a bacteria or germ. The next day she was feeling better so we did not do the samples. Now it's a day to day thing. Feeling like your going to vomit one minute then it goes away and comes back is not a fun feeling. I wish her OBGYN would have told us about these side effects when she decided to go off the depo. Does anyone know of anything that will help eleviate these sysmptoms some?