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Are you considering dumping your clothes in favor of a more natural approach more often? Here's how — and why — to get started with nudism.

Because clothes disintegrate pretty quickly, determining when humans first started wearing them has been rather a challenge. It was a study to find out when clothing lice began to develop as species distinct from human head lice that finally led to an answer — humans, this bit of research revealed, must have been clothing themselves for around 170,000 years.

The move towards wearing clothes was revolutionary; it was probably what enabled people to migrate out of Africa into colder climates.

Over time, clothes started saying a lot about people, from their gender to their age and social status, and nudity became frowned upon in many parts of the world. Being naked in public became taboo, associated with sex, and very often even illegal in most places. Nudists, people who prefer to wear their "birthday suits" more often, aren't just relegated to "special areas" such as nudist beaches and camps, but are also generally seen as, well, a little bit weird.

Have you been thinking about liberating yourself from the confines of clothing more often? If you are new to nudism, your own home is a great place to start. Getting naked on a regular basis has quite a few benefits that may just make you want to try it out even if you weren't previously inclined to take your clothes off at home.

Giving Nudism A Chance: Reasons To Get Naked

Being naked promotes skin health; Not only does it better enable the elimination of sweat toxins from the body, which might be reintroduced if you're wearing clothes, it also promotes better blood circulation. We've all dealt with very restrictive underwear, skinny jeans, belts, or shirts — and you probably remember times when clothing left red marks or even skin rashes on your body. Going nude helps combat some of the negative effects this restrictive clothing has, and in addition goes some way towards preventing infections that could more easily fester when we're clothed.

Great skin is a good reason to dump your clothes more often, but there's more. One study even found that being naked could benefit the brain and lower your risk of Alzheimer's. This is because bare feet stimulate neuron formation.

Finally, nudism makes it easier for you to get the vitamin D you need straight from the sun. As glass blocks the rays that cause vitamin D production, you do need to get outside to reap these benefits. Sleeping naked, which means in colder temperatures unless you overdo it with the blankets or heating, has also been shown to increase your levels of brown fat, which makes for a faster metabolism and so may encourage weight loss.

The benefits of nudism go beyond physical health, though: you also benefit emotionally. Being naked on a regular basis increases body positivity and can make you feel more relaxed and natural.

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