I had my THD procedure done 2 weeks back. I am a male, 34 and from London, UK. I had level 4 prolapsed haemorrhoids and have been suffering for many years now. My doctor suggested this procedure over others. I am glad I went for this one. On the day of the procedure, I went in at 15:00 and was done by 18:30. I was told that I was in lot of pain and had to increase the dosage of morphine given. It took me another hour or so to come back to normal. I was told they need to see me pee and will accordingly be discharged. It took me a while before I could do so. Since my overnight stay at the hospital was paid for by my insurance, they asked me to stay back to monitor any complications. There was some discomfort all night and less pain (may be due to the morphine). Slept for a few hours. In the morning the surgeon came back to see me and told me in detail about the procedure and that it was quite a big operation due to the nature of my haemorrhoids and also needed extra mucopexy. I was given painkillers, stool softeners and fibre supplements for home and discharged. Felt alright going home. Could walk with little pain. I was told that I will have urgencies for BM & to pee and bleeding due the various veins and nerves being operated on. Recovery- Week 1 This was the tricky part and a painful week ahead. After a few hours at home, I had a BM. Not a lot. Then the bleeding started. It was constantly there. Had to use panty liners. I usually have a very good metabolism and as a result had to go to the toilet 3-4 times a day and didn't want to push very hard. Painful and bleeding. This continued for the first 3-4 days. Also I could feel the operated tags hanging out and painful when cleaning. Showers and baths helped. I couldn't get a lot sleep for the first week and was in discomfort due to the urgencies I felt. I also had problems peeing. I would have to wait for an hour sometime before I could do it. The discomfort and irritation was immense. This continued for a week. Took painkillers and anti-inflammatory but didnt help a lot. Week 2 It got better from week 2. The urgencies were still there. But by now I had learnt to deal with them. Still had BM 3-4 times a day. Less painful. By mid of 2nd week, the bleeding had stopped. Used Sitz baths to calm things down. End of second week, the peeing problem was gone. I was able to sit down comfortably on the couch and for longer periods. Could go outside for short walks and even drove a short distance. Went to see the doctor again after 2 weeks. He did a quick check and said he was happy with the recovery and that the haemorrhoids were healing well. It would take another few weeks for everything to return to normal and see him after a month. In summary, I am happy with the procedure and can see the benefits. But as it differs from person to person, it took me full 2 weeks to recover and not 3-4 days as some doctors suggest. Have a Sitz bath ready before you come back home from the procedure. My advice, if you are in pain after the procedure, hang in there. It does get better. Good luck.