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I had been using this site religiously during my post op period. As a way of giving back, i thought i'll post up my experience so that someone could benefit from this. 

I am a 28 year old Male who underwent the THD procedure in St. Mary's Hospital in London. I'd been suffering from Hemorrhoids for 6 years + now and it primarily happened because of my lack of understanding around bathroom rules as well as some really horrible diet decisions involving literally no fiber for a constant 6 month period. Safe to say that i've learned my lesson and will be warning anyone i can around the pitfalls of not eating a balanced diet. 

I had three Grade 3 hemmies and they used to prolapse. I had to stick them back in everytime after i finished a BM. I was OK with doing this and I had also made changes to my diet but of late, I'd been experiencing incidents where if i went to the toilet at a different time than what my body is used to, sometimes the hemmies don't go back in at all. On days where i was driving, this was excruciating with blood being left in my underwear occasionally. Really small quantities though! There were also the odd days where a BM left the toilet with a small pool of fresh red blood. I wanted a better quality of life and as a result went ahead with the operation against the advice of my GP. They were warning me that most people had complications out of operating hemmies than anything else. Anyway, i felt that i needed to take the risk. 

Luckily for me on the day of the OP, the surgeon had lined up both THD and banding. He told me that if the hemmies were bad, he'd do THD but if not, he'd just band them. I was OK with this. Unlike other people here, i didn't do research intentionally thinking i'd be scared off by horror stories and as a result i decided to eat a really nice and full meal the night before the surgery. In hindsight, i should have started a fluid diet 24 hours before! My logic was if i was not going to be eating solids for a week, i might as well stock up on some. I should have thought about the BMs after the surgery :|

The procedure itself was painless. Took about 45 minutes. I was under GA and didn't know when it started or finished. I am usually extremely nervous with hospitals and i really hope to not go back to one unless my life depended on it. Anyway, the nurse waited till i passed some urine. (Drank about 2 jugs of water after the OP) I went home and waited for the pain to kick in. There was nothing for a good 6/8 hours. 

After that hell started! It was less pain and more discomfort due to a 'full' feeling and i was extremely anxious that i was going to screw with the stitches because i felt intense pressure there. Ibuprofen and Paracetamol helped a lot but i only took 1 paracetamol initially and I later found out that i could take 2. Taking 2 definitely helped eased the discomfort for me. So, for anyone who is considering doing this procedure, i'd say please be ahead of the pain and start medications as soon as you can. Don't wait for the pain to kick in. This is especially important for the first few days. 

The first BM set in for me early morning on Day 2 and i thought i'd passed a worm but upon closer inspection, i realised that this was some sort of a tampon thing to suck up the blood. BMs over the next 5 days were weird. They took a good 30 mins sometimes - i was conscious not to push but i was also worrying whether my muscles were automagically programmed to push over the years.. I just couldn't get a gauge on this. There were multiple times where i felt i was putting too much pressure on the area. BMs were a tad painful but nothing you couldn't manage. I'd say there were a 4 on a 10 scale. 

From a diet POV, during these 5 days, Laxatives, pain killers and a liquid diet with lots of fruits ensured that I was recovering well. I found out about Sitz baths 3 days into my recovery and these were a godsend. I did see an entry from a hospital around not using the Sitz bath immediately after the OP. So i think maybe doing it from Day 2 or ideally 3 would be best! The Sitz baths had the most effect on me and it gave me instant relief..! 

Day 6 was magical and all of the discomfort (around 70%) left me as I woke up. I can't figure out how, but it did. I was told to stop medication here and so i did. I was taking 1/4 doses of the laxatives to be sure that i made life a bit easier but I wasn't drinking enough water. During day 11, I attempted a 2.5 mile walk (casual) and I had a BM 3 hours after i finished it. Low and behold, i let out a nice pile of fresh red blood. Around 300 ml, i'd reckon. I was sh**ting myself literally and called the non-emergency helpline who asked me to go into see a doctor immediately. Doctor did the rubber glove and told me that 2 hemmies have gone but the third one has burst and thats what caused the blood. I was told to expect blood for 5 days however I went back in on the laxatives and some Rutin tablets/Chamomile tea etc. This healed up in 2 days time. 

Today is day 13 and for the most part I am fine. I'll wait up until Day 20 or so before i start some light exercise again and keep on the laxatives till around the month mark. 

To anyone who is planning to get this done, I'd say focus on diet, sitz baths, going to the toilet only when you need to and not attempting any exercise until Day 25 or so to be sure. If i'd made these changes myself, this would have been a bit more of a smoother experience. The first 5 days are uncomfortable so literally count down through them.  Wishing you all the very best in health! 


I wanted to say thanks for the personal experiences shared here, they helped provided useful information as well as encouragement and support to go through with my surgery. I am currently 5 days into my recover from THD. First, I would like to say that the surgery has already showed signs of success in that I no longer have protruding internal hemorrhoids and pray that continues as I heal.

The night before surgery I started taking Miralax. The night of my surgery day of the I felt relatively well, I could urinate without much difficulty, but would require either a warm bath or poring warm water over my penis to induce urination. I took Ketorolac an INSAID pain medication as directed by the surgeon when I showed the first signs of any discomfort and my main symptoms were itching and and moderate inflammation in the rectal area. At this point I was happy that the pain was not as bad as I had feared it would be. Day two passed in much the same way with only INSAIDs and no Opiates. The inflammation was relieved with sitz baths, which I needed also for urination, which a mason jar could collect while sitting in a warm tub. At this point I still had no bowel movement. If I tried to sit and have one I would become uncomfortable due to an increasing downward pressure on my anus. That night I took my first Hydrocodon to sooth the pressure and itching and all my discomfort drained away.

Day 3 I was having more constipation and increasing pressure on the anus. I chose to a small single pill dose of an oral stimulant laxative, Docalax. After 6 hours I  took 2 more pills of Docalax BAD CHOICE!!!! By the morning of day 4 I was reeling in pain from intense cramping that literally put me to my knees. I become more impacted and couldn't even try to sit on the toilet without much cramping. I tried a warm water enema, but the impaction prevented much to liquid to go in. Then I had my partner, who just learning how to digitally clear the rectum with her finger using rubber gloves a few days earlier, to clear my rectum (true love). She couldn't find much, because the enema had had been cleared by the enema. I did another enema, where I passed a bit more stool. I waited several hours and then my surgeon suggested I try a suppository (just a mild glycerine one). 1 hour later the log jam broke and I have been sh**ting on the hour, literally 12-16 plus times. After the first major one I lost my stamina, my appetite, and felt nauseated.I had chills and broke a slight fever 104.4-100.8, but my surgeon said take 2 Tylenol and if it doesn't go over 101.5 and/or if it doesn't go down with the Tylenol, to call him asap. I did just that and slept well, woke in the am with no fever and appetite came back. Holy sh*t I am tired of pooping but am so happy I can. The intense cramping passed with the first bigger BM but need to have a toilet close by, and have a nearly constant urge to poop.

Day 5, no pain killers needed. I drove somewhere close by to grab a cup of coffee and barely made it home before having a BM. since this began I have watched about 20 episodes of the New Fly Fisher TV show and Netflix shows. Watched my fish tank and bird feeder, all to pass the time. Today I feel like I am turning the corner. I won't try to white wash it, I have had a serious shoulder surgery that took months and months to heal and recover from. I thought nothing could be worse. I would say this was much, much easier. But the one word of caution I should have taken from my surgeon was to not do a stimulant oral laxative, this causes all my massive cramping, which was by far the most difficult thing. If I have not taken that, all the intense cramping could have been avoided with the help of the gentle suppository without a doubt. So, if there is a take home from my experience, it is to take Miralax daily, even 2 times daily, hydrate well, take as little opiates as possible and do a glycerine suppository if you don't poop within 3 days. 

During the worst of it I kept my mind on the goal, being able to hike, exercise and work hard in the garden, do Tai Chi etc, without having to push my butt back in every other minute. 

Praise the good surgeon for his skill with the needle and scope!!! Many thanks and glad I did it thus far. Reach out if you need, I would be glad to offer support, as you all have for me.