My boyfriend and I had protected sex on the 2nd of November. My previous period ended the 26th of October and my fertility window started on the 5th of December. The condom broke, but he pulled out before he ejaculated (I assume there was precum in the condom). On the 11th of November I was part of a Fashion Festival where in the break-time I suddenly felt something trickling down my leg. (This might be a little gross for some readers) I went to the bathroom immediately to find that both my inner thighs were full of blood as well as my panties were soaked with A LOT of blood (that was about 2 and a half weeks after we had sex). I had a few cramps, but hardly noticed them. My period was supposed to start on the 24th of November, thus I am 11 days late. I have taken two pregnancy tests (the first, one week after my period was due and the second I took the day before yesterday), and both have come up negative. I have been getting abdominal cramps since we had sex and my breasts are a little sore too. About a week after we had sex I had a huge amount of pain in my lower abdominal area (I had to lie in the fetus position for it to stop). My boyfriend and I are both stressing. What are the chances that I am pregnant?