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im 16 & my boyfriend is 17. we've had sex a couple times, but ALWAYS with a condom. there was one time where the condom broke while he putting it in and I immediately took it out. As we saw the condom, there was liquid inside of it which could be pre cum. what are the chances of getting pregnant by pre cum?? that all happened 2 days before my period was supposed to come. I'm now 3 days late from my period, and I've been having sore breasts, cramps, and light pink blood/ brown discharge? I have been stressing about this the whole week, I sometimes can't sleep or eat. I'm very scared I could be pregnant ))):


If the condom broke immediately after he first penetrated you and then he pulled out right away, and you were in that part of your cycle, it's very unlikely that you're pregnant. Here are all the reasons why.

1. The liquid you saw was probably the lubrication in the condom, not precum. 

2. It's unlikely to get pregnant from precum in the first place. Precum itself doesn't have sperm in it. The sperm that could potentially be in precum come from the last time he ejaculated. If he has urinated after the last time he ejaculated before ya'll had sex, the chance of there being sperm in it is almost zero.

3. You were not ovulating which makes it almost impossible to get pregnant.

It sounds like you are PMSing. Sixteen is still young enough where periods can be a little irregular. If you had a mishap with condoms in the past, you could be pregnant from a previous incident. If the precum did have sperm (again, very unlikely) there is still a very small chance you could be pregnant, because sperm can live in the body for up to ten days and you will probably be ovulating before that te day period ends. To be 100% sure you're not pregnant, you can take a pregnancy test a week or so after you know that you missed your period.