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My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex. He never came inside. He pulled out like 5 minutes before he was actually going to ejaculate. we also had sex while I was o my period about a month ago and he never came inside. he always does the same thing. after a few minutes of unprotected he puts a condom on. I have no pregnancy symptoms really. Now my period is a day late and my breasts are tender and i'm having some abdominal cramps and i'm bloated. Should I worry? Also, i have lost some weight in the past couple weeks not really on purpose. Could that be a factor?


I'm not an expert- but I do know that there are a lot of factors that can have an effect on your period- sex, weight loss, stress, etc. I'd wait a little before getting a test. If you're only a day or 2 late, it just might be other things effecting it.