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Me and a girl I've know for some time had sex 3 times from April 25th at about 11:45PM to 2:00AM on the 26th. I had previously ejaculated around 2PM on the 25th and before we had intercourse, I urinated 3 times and had 2 showers leading up to it because I read that semen can be found in preejaculate (precum) if the man has not urinated. The first time we had sex, I used a condom and never ejaculated but there was precum. The second time, a new condom and same thing. She climaxed a couple times but I did not. We went a third time, and the condom broke. It took me 7-10 seconds to notice and I pulled out immediately. I did not fully ejaculate but there was precum. I then put on a new condom and finished up. She said that her last period was April 2, and claims that she is on a 28 day menstruation cycle but I dont think she actually knows her days. She says her breasts were already feeling tender and that she should going on her period this week. What are the chances that she is pregnant based on the potential time of ovulation, urinating before sex, and switching the condom swiftly. Im really freaking out. Anything would help.


There is some risk of pre cum getting a woman pregnant since it usually contains some live sperm. But what you describe sounds very unlikely to cause pregnancy. Your pre cum likely was released when the condom broke. But a lot of it likely was caught in the torn condom material. What got out might have been deep or shallow in her vagina. Not much way of knowing now. But even with a full ejaculation deep in the vagina, only a small percentage of hundreds of millions of fully ejaculated sperm would ever make it to an egg in a fertile woman. Most of a full ejaculation of sperm end up exploring the wrong areas inside the woman s reproductive system and end up missing the egg. Only one of two female fallopian tubes is releasing a single egg per fertile period. So half the sperm take the wrong empty tube. By the time any one sperm makes it to a fertile egg, hundreds of millions of the other sperm ejaculated with him have died or gone to areas inside the woman s reproductive system with no egg.

The far smaller numbers of sperm in pre cum are way less likely to reach a fertile egg. You masturbating earlier in that same day to full ejaculation usually won t use up much of your nearly endless supply of sperm. At most it might reduce a full ejaculation s total volume and total sperm count some, but not enough to prevent hundreds of millions of sperm in a later full ejaculation. Showering and urinating did remove the sperm from your earlier madturbation. But each new erection can cause fresh release of new pre cum every time, especially in men who pre cum a lot with every erection.

Your impregnation risk is very small. But a good use of a spermicide that you can buy in any drug store off the shelf would be the best backup birth control for a broken condom for men to use. Spermicides can be creams, foams, or melting suppositories the are inserted into the vagina before sex or after an accident like a torn condom. You can also put spermicides inside every condom you use to kill your sperm inside the condom, especially the smaller amounts of pre cum that most men release before their full ejaculations.

Continuing to have sex after your condom broke could thrust your leaked pre cum sperm closer to her egg and help your few sperm along to getting closer to her egg. But they d be so few that it would take a superman sperm to reach her one egg and fertilize it with so few sperm in your pre cum to make that long journey to the egg. The egg itself has a tough outer coating that sperm must penetrate to fertilize the egg. It usually takes many sperm working to all penetrate that outer coating for any to make it into the egg to fertilize it.

Buy some spermicide for next time. Use spermicide inside your condoms and in her vagina. Wear 2 or 3 condoms at a time on your penis for extra layers of sperm barriers if one breaks, get the right size of condoms to fit your erect penis, use condom safe lube every time to help protect your condoms, but don t worry too much over this pre cum leak. Pregnancy is unlikely.

Lots of men buy condoms with spermicides already applied inside the condoms from the factory. This helps kill a man s sperm inside his condoms. Look for those as you size condoms for your penis. Properly sized and well lubricated condoms should not break in a vagina during sex. A too small a size condom for your penis or a not well lubed vagina are the most likely causes of breaking condoms.