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Hi my boyfriend & I had sexual intercourse July 3rd & July 10th.. I have been using this app called Flo to keep up with my menstrual cycle & ovulation period.. July 10th my boyfriend & I had protected & unprotected sex.. when he had a condom on it broke.. he had not ejaculated yet but he said when he took it off it was dripping pre cum.. on the app it said i was ovulating that day .. I didn't realize until after. I prayed & waited for the day I was suppose to start my cycle & from the app it predicted that I would start on July 25th.. come July 25th.. nothing! I was feeling light cramps, nausea (p.s I haven't thrown up), bloating & a slightly big appetite but was not really wanting to eat.. you know regular pms symptoms. Comes the second day, July 26th.. still nothing, it would feel like I started but when I checked it was just discharge, the discharge would be a gooey.. sticky type texture & sometimes creamy.. or no discharge at all. Comes the third day.. still nothing but discharge & the feelings as the day before, I then become slightly worried. This has happened before so I wasn't really panicking but I was slightly worried. I've had missed a cycle before in the past so I was thinking it could be that but I recently just started having sexual intercourse so being pregnant could be an option & I don't want that, I'm only 17 years old. Fast forwarding.. same symptoms & discharge. Today, July 29th still nothing. I'm really worried at this point, but I'm trying not to worry too much because that can be a delay my cycle more. Two more days until the month is over & I have nothing, from the app it says I'm 5 days late. I've ordered a pregnancy test just in case I miss completely. But I have two days left so i still have a little hope. I've searched & searched several ways to induce your cycle & etc. I've been drinking parsley tea, taking iron pills, black cosh pills, & using a warm compact on my abdominal area. Last time I had this situation it was in May, same symptoms but instead my breast were enlarged & really sensitive, i was 2 days late from what the app predicted, i took iron pills & was drinking parsley tea & it seemed to work.. this time, it has not been. I've been taking one iron pill a day since the day I first missed thinking that it would work again.. & I've been drinking parsley tea since yesterday July 28th. I forgot to mention I've also been slightly gassy & having bubbly movements in my abdominal area.. & im not taking any type of birth control.. idk what else to do! I don't want to be pregnant, we are too young. I'm trying to keep it together.. none of my family knows that I've been having sexual interactions.. please help!


I'm in the same situation