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my foreskin has tightened in a small ring around the tip of my penis! it split which was alot of pain!! i went to my local GP and she gave me a antibacterial solution to put on it! so far the cut has healed very well over the past 3 days.. BUT i still have that tight band on my foreskin.. im scared to pull my foreskin all the way back incase i tear it again! i have stayed away from having sex with my partner as im scared that will make it worse too!! i am pretty sure she has thrush though... she has been experiencing the symptoms associated with it!!

so if anyone has some advice for me about how to make the tight ring go away.. it would be greatly appreciated


That tight ring is the result of boys started masturbate to late in there life's a boy must grow up with masturbation so that the foreskin can stretch it self as the boy get older. The only way to overcome that problem easy is to masturbate like hell but be careful to do it not so rough that you will tear you self as what already happened with you. Gave that tear 6 weeks rest before you can have sex or you will tear it again.


To retract the foreskin, one must grab the foreskin on the shaft and pull it rearward. If the foreskin will not retract then you must consider leaving it as it is or doing stretching exercises.

It is not necessary to have a foreskin that will retract. Some men live their entire lives with a non-retractable foreskin. They can masturbate, have penetrative sex, get married, and father children with a foreskin that does not retract. Some believe that a penis with a non-retractile foreskin has more sensation and that sex is better.

It depends on just how tight your foreskin is. If it is really narrow and absolutely won't retract, then you can have penetrative sex without pain. On the other hand, if it just a little bit tight, then it is likely to be forced back during sex and that will hurt because it is tight.

Almost all boys are born with a foreskin that does not retract. This is normal. It takes years for the ability to retract to develop. About ½ of boys have a retractable foreskin by 10.4 years of age. Many adolescents still have foreskins that have tips that are too narrow to pass back over the penis head. These foreskins may be gently stretched over a period of time to cause them to widen.

It is normal for teens to have a foreskin that does not retract. One’s foreskin is still developing. One can help it develop by stretching it.

When your penis is erect, gently pull your foreskin back against the head of the penis. As the head attempts to pass through the foreskin it will stretch the skin a little. Do this every day and in a few weeks or months your foreskin will widen and you will be able to retract your foreskin. Do NOT force retraction. Do NOT cause yourself pain.

It works by tissue expansion. Stretching skin induces “mitosis” which is a word that means “division of cells”. New skin cells are formed and the skin expands but it takes some time. The increase in size is permanent. Be patient and give mitosis time to work.

The important thing is to put the skin under tension every day so that it will grow wider.

Search the Internet for:

“How to Fix Phimosis and Tight Foreskins, Solutions That Work”

and you will find the information and support you need.

It is never necessary to be circumcised. Non-retractile foreskin is not a reason to get a circumcision. Circumcision is a very destructive, damaging, and harmful operation. Furthermore, it is an ELECTIVE operation that in only done with the consent of the patient.


I see I answer this question over a year ago and my answer is still the same practice with masturbation as many as possible you have to stretch the skin slowley