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Have you noticed that your scrotum, the sack around your testicles, undergoes changes in appearance under different circumstances? Or is your scrotum always either tight or loose, and are you wondering why? Here's what could be going on. 

Why The Scrotal Skin Changes And The Testicles 'Move Around'

The scrotum is the skin sack that hangs underneath the penis. Besides the testicles, one of which typically hangs a little lower than the other, the scrotum also contains the epididymis and part of the spermatic cord, structures that are involved in the storage and transport of sperm. 

The testicles themselves are outside the body in order to keep them at a temperature that facilitates the production of sperm cells. Temperature is, incidentally, one of the main reasons you see the scrotum become looser and tighter, and the testicles move further away from and close to the body. In order to keep the temperature of the testicles constant, the scrotum becomes looser, making it move further away from the body, when it is hot. The scrotum tightens, and the testicles are drawn closer to the body, when it is cold. Pretty clever, no? This movement is aided by a special muscle called the cremaster muscle. 

We've also known that the scrotal skin undergoes changes with sexual arousal since the 1960s. As a man becomes increasingly sexually aroused and approaches ejaculation, the testicles become enlarged and move closer to the body until they achieve full contact. 

(As an aside, men whose testicles do not make this contact fully may notice they have difficulty ejaculating, or their ejaculation is less pleasurable. This is, in itself, a reason to seek medical attention.)

My Scrotal Skin Is Constantly Tight Or Really Loose

If you have noticed that your scrotal skin is constantly either really tight or really loose (something guys often describe as "my balls are tight" or "my balls are loose"), there are several possible explanations. The first is purely physiological: the size of your body parts simply varies from person to person. Just like the labia minora and majora different in size from woman to woman, the same holds true for the appearance of the male scrotum. 

Medical conditions can also be to blame, however. A hydrocele testis, in which fluid accumulates in the scrotum, or a varicocele, in which the veins around the spermatic cord become enlarged, can be responsible for a loose or swollen appearance of the scrotum. A retractile testis, meanwhile, keeps the testicle closer to the body than it should be at all times. This can be caused by a short spermatic cord or the presence of scar tissue or other abnormal tissues, and it can create a tight appearance of the scrotum. 

What Do I Do About My Tight Or Loose Scrotal Skin?

Guys who have simply noticed that their scrotum changes appearance with sexual arousal or temperature fluctuations do not need to see a doctor, as they've simply observed a completely healthy and natural process.

Men who encounter testicular pain or swelling, or those who are worried about their scrotum constantly being either loose or tight, can seek medical attention — but those who are not in any pain should also be prepared to be told that there is nothing wrong with their scrotum or testicles. 

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