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Hey i need to know about a very important topic.i had sex with my bf in april 10th during my period.we had it without condom n i took i-pill within 3 hrs.aftr that day we had sex again without condom in april 17th n i took i-pill once again within 3 hrs after we had sex.both the time he came inside me n he had multiple ejaculation.i should be having my period on may5th.i am having stomach aches but still no sign of period.i have one more day to go for my there any chance of me being pregnant.plz help me to know.


you need to wait for your periods to begin and if it is delayed for more than 10 days then conduct a pregnancy test. also please remember that ipill is an emergency contraceptive pill and should not be consumed more than once in one cycle. if you face major period cycle disturbance then you should immediately consult a doctor.