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I had sex two days before my period but he couldn't get it in because it wad my first time And I was super nervous. However, he messed around with the condom a lot - taking it off and putting it back on, adjusting it, etc. He didn't come inside it and I used spermicide gel beforehand. The next night we did it again But he got it in this time. I used spermicide again and he pulled out. Hours later I got my period and it was completely normal. We had sex the day it ended, same circumstances as before but this time he came inside the condom so I took Plan B one step an hour later. A couple days later I started spotting. I have had no nausea or breast changes, but I'm still wondering if I'm pregnant?


Hi Julia,

You don't need Plan B if you used the condom.  In fact, you should not be using Plan B except in the case of emergencies, such as the condom bursting.

The condom, used properly, is also MUCH more effective than Plan B.

You took the Plan B in plenty of time and are unlikely to get pregnant.  Spotting/bleeding is a common side effect.  Your next several periods may be early or late and they may be heavier or lighter than usual.

I will caution you that if you take off a condom, throw it out.  Don't put it back on even if you haven't "used" it.  It can develop microscopic tears.

Emergency contraceptives should be used only in an emergency, not as a backup.

Hope it helps.