So I took plan B after fooling around with my boyfriend (Didnt have sex im a virgin), I accidently got his ejaculate on my finger and dont remember if i washed it off but I did wipe it (Not sure if i wiped it fully it was a 2 second wipe) and shortly felt my vagina (It was wet) , I showered after.. but 18 hours after that happened we bought Plan B and I got my period a week after taking it (Period was already a week late) guessing it was stress delaying it. BUT ,It HAD to be a period because it came heavier then ever making me change every 2 hours, lasted 7 days. I was relieved, but now im realizing my lowet abondem is still bloated, and I feel like I can see my stomach got fatter and its starting to bring the scare back. There is no other symptoms that are bringing me back this "pregnancy" scare but still being bloated after my period has already ended or me getting white strechy discharge a week after my period !! Is this normal?? Im so nervous anxiously waiting on my next period.. Is it the pill or couldve one period not been enough to prove Im not pregnant ?? help please !!!!