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I want to find out about a pregnancy. If a woman of 21 years old is on her 9th day of her menstrual cycle (Day 1 being the first day she has her menstruation). And her menstrual cycles vary from 25 to 29 days. How likely is she to get pregnant by trying to conceive with her husband on Day9? I would like to know a % probability. I realize there are other factors like the man’s fertility the woman’s fertility, etc. but with only this information is it even remotely possible to get pregnant, and if so what is the probability?

I would really like a number such as “the Rhythm Method gives a chance of conception is 9%, but the calendar method is 5% in a given year.” A real number like 9% or 5% is better than just saying “these methods work a whole lot, but anything can happen, nobody knows, maybe one day somebody will invent the study of biology. Until then just don’t kiss a boy while wearing a bathing suit.”

Please let me know how does that work.

Thank you. :-D



Hi there,, my periods are the same length as yours,,, however yo havent said when you ovulate and this is the main reason why we get pregnant. I ovulated this month on the 15/16 day. If you TTc couple of days before becuase sperm lives in your body up to 72 hours , TTC on your most fertile days and two days after, then you are giving yourself best chance of conceiving. Pregnancy is a complicated factor so even if you pinpoint your ovulating days doesnt meant you will get pregnant straight away it might take up 2 6 months to a year.. Good luck and let me know how you get on.