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Some couples don't need to think about trying for a baby, and conceive during their first or second cycles of trying! For the rest of us, working out when we are fertile and if we are fertile can be a little tricky, and sometimes even a real worry.

The good news is that 85 percent of couples will conceive within a year of trying, and that there is plenty you can do to help swing those odds in your favor!

Double-check you are ovulating

An ovulation calendar or natural signs you are ovulating can be great. Before you rely on these things, double-check that you are ovulating and potentially save yourself a lot of time and heartache. Buy ovulation predictor kits, and use them as directed. If you start using ovulation tests every day from the seventh day after you started your period, you can be quite sure you'll catch that ovulation if it is there. Ovulation tests react to luteinizing hormone (LH), and they are best taken in the afternoon. Are you not getting any positive ovulation tests back, even after using them correctly several months? Trying different brands of tests is always a good idea, and the digital ones with the smiley face are easiest to use. If none do the trick, tell your doctor what is happening.

Watch your weight

A healthy BMI boosts your fertility and the same is true for your other half, too! All couples who are trying for a baby will benefit from taking a critical look at their weight, nutrition and fitness levels. In women, too much body fat can boost estrogen levels. Too much of this female hormone will interfere with the quality of eggs, and can also lead to irregular menstrual cycles and lack of regular ovulation. In men, sperm quality can suffer significantly. Being underweight is another serious problem. Menstrual cycles and ovulation will suffer in women. Excessive exercise will also interfere with fertility; research shows that professional athletes are more likely to suffer from anovulation (meaning not ovulating). The best way to achieve a healthy body weight is to eat a healthy and varied diet, and to be physically active on a regular basis.

Get rid of bad habits

Unhealthy lifestyle habits also tend to affect the fertility of both sexes negatively. Smoking is a great example it interferes with male and female fertility, and causes all kinds of risks if pregnancy does occur. Women who are trying to conceive should avoid alcohol at least during the second half of the menstrual cycle (the luteal phase), and perhaps altogether to be safe. Men who are hoping to become fathers should also shun alcohol to improve their sperm count.

Sexual intercourse

The "fertile window" starts five days before a woman's ovulation, as sperm survives for around that amount of time within the female body. Having sex every day, or multiple times a day, is probably overdoing it men's sperm counts go down when that have intercourse that frequently. Abstaining from sex in weeks before ovulation does not help improve sperm count, as some say. The female orgasm may boost your chances of getting pregnant slightly, but lying in bed for 30 minutes with a pillow under your behind is another urban myth you can do without. Some sources say that the missionary position is more likely to result in pregnancy. This is not true, but man-on-top sex does give sperm a head start, which may offer an advantage if you are having intercourse following a positive ovulation test.

Keep things fun

Are you spending a lot of time worrying you are infertile (without any actual indications this could be true)? Has sex turned into (wait for it!) "baby-dancing" and has all the fun been left behind in an earlier stadium of your relationship? Don't spoil your bond before you even make a baby together, and don't let baby-making become stressful for you. Remember that getting pregnant can take around a year and you're still absolutely within the limits of normal. Remember to enjoy your partner in every way possible, and only start worrying about trying to conceive if there are real red flags that something could be wrong.

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