wellhi i need some helpwell u see my girl is kinda irregular or always delayher cycle is a bit sensitive or weird or irregular if i sayshe had her mens last may 14. 2013 then june 18.2013and the thing about it me and her had sex last july 9 2013and the thing about it because her cycle is kinda weird i just expected her men to come on july 18and the bad thing about it is that we had sex unprotectedly i mean i use condom at first but it was hard to fit in her so i took it off (i think thats was kinda stupid of me to just took it off) and we had sex but the thing about it i didn't literally came inside,i came outside at her tummy and wipe it off with tissue.so my concern here is that i mean there always a chance of a girl getting pregnant any day of her cycle but i just wanna know is there a big chance of her getting pregnant.? :(and the thing about it she is feeling some cramps on her tummy right now july 14. is it a bad sign or a sign that her menstrual is coming.???                                                                                                                      PS: really need some advice