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Hi there, the first day of my last period was on march 12 and onli last for 4 5 days. Me and my fiancé had unprotected sex everyday from march 19 till march 30 he came inside me twice. and these past couple days I been havin white milky discharge, and it alot while we had intercourse. is that mean I'm pregnant or it's just discharge before my period? Thanks


Hi, it would be too early at this point to take a pregnancy test to actually confirm if you were or not although a blood test at this point might confirm it.  Usually a family doctor would ask you to wait until after your next period is due and if you are late to take a test and call the office (was how my doctor did it for me).  Don't stress yourself and if you are not taking them already I would start taking pregnancy vitamins (folic acid) and stop smoking and drinking for both you and your fiance as that can affect the sperm count.  Also another thing  I would recommend for the 2 of you is to have as much sex as you want, eventually it'll happen.  AND, it's the most beautiful thing - I love being a mommy.  Good luck