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I need some advice please! also, i need to say before i start that i would love to hear other people experiences or similar situations but i also need ANSWERS ! 


okay so here it goes. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for some time now. I know QUITE a bit about getting pregnant and how to get pregnant and when to test and hormones and Fallopian tubes , etc the works lol . 

What i am having trouble figuring out (because there a million different answers all over the web) is my discharge/spotting. I had a period on Jan 7 (I'm not always regular but know my cycle) and that period ended on the 10th of January. i have had sex all in between until now and have calculated my ovulation date and made sure to cover all possible days for that as well ! but it now being the day after my expected period i have a few questions. I have had some discharge for the past three days (not 3 days straight but a few times in those few days) the first day (Feb 4th) it was only one time when i wiped in the evening time it was very faint pink and clear like. The second day (Feb 5)  it happened two different times when i wiped (like two different times of me using the bathroom the first time in the afternoon it was a slight darker pink/red then the evening before and a slight thicker but only showed up once when i wiped. later that evening, i used the bathroom and it was tarnish brown (old blood like) as if it was the end of a period or whatever discharge was going on there. that brownish discharge only showed up once when i wiped and didn't show up the rest of the night. the last day (today; Feb 6) there was more red that showed back up a little bit thicker then the first and second day but not enough to be one of my normal periods and only showed up when i wiped once. when i wiped again there was nothing there.. 



I'm not sure if that is my period but its a little irregular, or if it implantation, or if it just me pregnant bleeding because a lot of women bleed some during pregnancy. 


I will be taking my first pregnancy test in about a week in a half or so and will let everyone knows what it says but until i know for sure could anyone give me any advice this is the first time this has happened to me and I'm a little worried. Thank you so much for you time! and thank you in advance for your answers (: 





honestly no joke you just describee what happened to me and i was indeed preggers congrats i have month old if the red gets a little heavier to where u need a pad like a light period no worries i was the same my childs beyond healthy breastfeeding as we speak