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Hi. I'm currently 20 years old. I have been on Zoloft for 4 years. I was originally diagnosed with severe anxiety issues and have since taken a varying amount of Zoloft, up to 150mg daily. I've tried several times to stop taking the medication. I do not like being dependent on it. I quit once cold-turkey and experienced severe withdrawal: upset stomach, consistent shaking, panic attacks, hyperventilation, shaking, sweating, confusion, etc. for about 2 months. I started the medicine again against my wishes as it was what my family encouraged me to do. I tried to slowly minimize my intake about a year after that but shortly began experiencing the same effects on a slightly lesser scale. I got back on it again and have tried for over a year to gradually decrease my dosage. I've been down to 25 mg for about 3 months now. I'm already feeling some intense anxiety creeping back. Please help. Any tips for me would be much appreciated.


Frist of all u let ur doctor know that u no longer want to be on zoloft.  And the dr. will wean u off of it.  I too have stopped taking zoloft but the reason was a mix up between my dr office and the pharmacy and I have now been off of it for 1 week.  I can pick it up tomorrow, finally. I have been feeling irritable, which is not my norm. And my fibromyalgia symptoms, which are flu like, has been feeling worse.  I've been getting migranes everyday, so I don't really recommend going cold turkey. But if you have been working with your dr. to wean off this medicine and its not working, then maybe its so hard for u because u were on this medicine for anxiety and u need help to control the symtoms of anxiety. yOU also have been on Zoloft for a long time and so have I.  I don't even think its working anymore.  I take 200 mg every night. If ur tired of taking medicine for anxiety you might want to take a holistic approach. Maybe try yoga. The problem with me following my own advice is that I never stick with it, even if its working. Good luck with it, whatever u decide or decided to do.