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Hi I just started my period and it was a few days late. When I got it I instantly started feeling horrible, agonizing pain that left me shaking and crying on my bathroom floor. This happened with my last period a month ago, it was late and I felt the same horrible pain. I kept taking advil and the pain went down but still hurts. It's always on the first day and then it passes. Does anyone know what might be wrong?


If this has always been the case then I would not worry.  Sounds like it has just done this the last two months, I would definately go and see the doctor.  It could be many things, but could also be nothing.  Better just to have it checked out.

If it is just normal period pain, the doctor could put you on the pill which helps regulate priods and can also help with pain and discomfort that comes with this monthly c**p we have to live with :-)

Good Luck