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Missed periods 2 months in a row. Throwing up a lot in last few weeks, always tired, sore breasts, no cramps. Im on Microgestin and didnt miss any pills. Took 4 Home tests all negative. What could be causing these symptoms? p.s. My mom said she got pregnant with me on loestra (sp?).
Doctor wont see me for 2 weeks still.


If 4 tests showed negative, then you are not pregnant!

You better wait for that appointment. You may have to test for hormones and see if you may have problems with ovarian cysts. These things would cause missed periods.


I agree with that! False negatives happen, but mostly to women who test too early, ie before their period was really due, or to women who used cheapo pregnancy tests later in the day, so not with morning urine when hCG is strongest. If neither of these apply to you, and they likely don't if you've already missed two periods, you are just not pregnant. 

If you have pregnancy symptoms, but a missed period and a negative pregnancy test, include the menopause, stress, being seriously underweight, exercising too much, a hormonal imbalance, thyroid problems, celiac disease, and PCOS. I'd see your doctor in this case. 



were you ever found pregnant? im curious kinda going through the same thing


I am 8 weeks late for my period & the last 2 menses were just spotting for 3 days each.

I have endometriosis on the right ligament of my uterus, a fibroid on the left cervix (exterior) and about 2 years ago, I was found to have a cyst on my right ovary.The cyst was found via ultra sound, they found that my right ovary was 1.5 times as large as the left ovary.

3 years ago, The symptoms I had one day were so bad that I couldn't rise from my desk chair to lay down and I screamed out from a pain that felt like something exploding on my right side. The pain lasted for about 10 minutes.

Having no insurance & fearing being probed at the emergency room again...(cold, painful, and untelling tests were performed), I opted to tough it out with 12 advil. It did little for the pain...I couldnt function for about 3 days. There was no bleeding.

I feel constant pressure in the area everyday, there is a lot of pressure that goes from the front of my ovary through to my back around the hip area.
As food passes through my bowels in that area I am acutely aware of the pressure, my stomach makes a lot of noise, my cat jumped and looked right at the area of concern, that was weird, so I thought maybe I had an ectopic pregnancy or something. 2 Negative pregnancy tests later I hope for menopause...but

A blood test for Menopause came back at 7 (not sure what the entire range is) but DR. did mention that she felt sure my test should have come back above 20.

Now, My periods have been really weird for the past 17 months...hoping for Menopause, I just dealt with the variations ranging from scanty to near hemmoraging(sp). minimal pain on rare occasion to screaming into the pillow & shaking uncontrollably & near fainting.

Last month I was stooping & when I attempted to stand up something ripped inside on the same right felt like a dry sponge pulling away from a other way to felt thick, & about 3 inches wide...This alarmed me but again no money, no insurance...hating the probing pains etc. I just got through it.

when I mentioned this to DR. she belives it to be scar tissue from earlier endometriosis surgery...I have had 3 in the last 25 years.

My Dr. said nothing else could cause periods to stop except for a pregnancy or menopause...should I trust her opinion?

I just read that Ovarian Cysts could be a cause...

I depend on my husband for everything, I can't work outside of the home, so the ER would be my only recourse...yet I owe them from the last frightful eval.

If you can shed any light on this for me I would greatly appreciate it...