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My neurologist put me on 1000 mg twice daily of Keppra for partial seizures I had due to benign brain tumor. I was having pretty bad side effects on that dose, including almost constant drowsiness and my seizures still did happen frequently enough that I was more or less homebound. Then my dosage was increased to 1500 and 2000 mg of Keppra with 100mg Lamictal and my seizures got under better control, but the side effects didn’t subside at all.

I’ve read some info about new drug for patial seizures, Vimpat, and a lot of people seem to be switching from Keppra to Vimpat. Does it really help to eliminate all the side effects I’m currently having?



my brother is suffering from seizures for years now and only thing which really worked for him was Dilantin, but unfortunately tolerance developed, just like with your dose of Keppra. So he was switched to 2500 mg Keppra twice a day and it completely changed his personality, to the point where he didn't resemble himself. But he was without seizures.

His neurologist thankfully noticed the change and weaned him off Keppra (500 mg by 500 mg) and put him on Vimpat and Lamictal combination. He is feeling drowsy, but things are not as bad.