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I’m male, 22 years old and I’ve been diagnosed with epilepsy last year. My neurologist had me first on Lamictal, but even though I didn’t have seizures as often on it it still didn’t help completely. After that he added Keppra, which did nothing so I’m now looking into what other options do I have left.

Dilantin and Tegretol seem to be the most efficient ones, but their side effects really are too scary. Is anyone on here using Dilantin or Tegretol for epilepsy? What is your experience?


Hello guest,

my brother has epilepsy since he was a child and he was on both Dilantin and Tegretol at some points in his life. He had to stop taking Dilantin after it almost gave him a heart attack and Tegretol just wasn't very good in controlling his seizures.

He finally managed to get his seizures under control with Keppra, but only after few months of him working out the right dosage with his neurologist. So, that's what I'd suggest you to do - talk to your neurologist and try if bigger dose of Keppra would work better for you.