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I’ve been diagnosed with epilepsy some 20 years ago and so far I tried several anti-seizure medications, including Dilantin, Tegretol and Lamictal. So far the best control I got for my seizures was when I was switched to 2000 mg Keppra twice daily. There actually were weeks when I was seizure free, even though Keppra side effects weren’t easy at all, but it seems like that dose isn’t enough for me anymore.

Instead of getting me on higher dose of Keppra, my neurologist wants me on Vimpat which is a relatively new medication I’ve heard good things about, but I have to wean off Keppra first.



my brother had just last month finally made a switch from keppra (2500 mg twice daily) to 50 mg Vimpat, which will be increased to 100 mg or more if needed. But, he did a taper down from Keppra before starting Vimpat - he was already dizzy from Keppra and who knows what would happen if dizziness from Vimpat was added to that.

Also, while weaning off Keppra, he was on Lamictal to have at least some control over the seizures and he is still taking Lamictal with Vimpat.