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hey ok here is my might be a little long...Here is da whole story it mite b a little wrng bt give me sincere answers plz... About 3 months ago I gt a cut while doing eyebrows it was a little deep than usual nd I started bleeding and after 2 minutes I fainted I guess cuz i panicked or sum and after that i used to feel lightheaded at times ilk whoozy and fast heartbeat and sweaty but it gt better nw i barely feel lightheDed bt still gt sweaty hands and feet and fast heartbeat and also sumtines after I eat my stomach gets all gasy or I feel heaviness in chest and sumtines I also feel a lump in throat and weird taste in mouth... Also for past two weeks I have back pain it started with lower back and now it's sometimes on lower back sometimes top And sometimes middle and my shoulder muscles ate also tensed as well as my abdominal muscles...and also sometimes my legs feel weak and my arms and my arm muscles also feel sore sometimes.. What is causing all this I'm always worrying about it and i tend to look up online and find very scary stuff and get scared I dnt hav insurance to go to do tor so please give me answer..also sometimes i feel like im moving or swaying....recently i sometimes get pain in my back but it's muscular pain becuase it goes away and comes back and it depends on my positon of sitting especiallly it hurts when im driving as well as it travels in my leg only when im driving.... also today morning i woke up and when i looked up or down my throat hurted not from inside but lik a bone or soemthing and its right in the middle left under my chin and it feels like a bump and it hurts if i ress on it and i also had a little pimple sore on my tongue if dat has nything to do wit it. i don't have insurance to go to doctor but what is reallly worried a lota people have told me it's anxiety but idk and what is this in my throat since morning today.


Annoying little bump in the throat was killing me for a couple of months. When I started to have this weird feeling of bump in throat I was using some products that I found in the pharmacy store because I believed that it is some kind of an infection.

When I saw that this won't go away, I went to consult my doctor.

He did some tests and it was Pharyngitis. I will try to explain this for you - this is a condition which affects the pharynx which lies in the upper respiratory tract along with the sinuses. It is really annoying.