Okay, so my girlfriend has been on birth control for over a month now. One day we decided to have protected sex. Earlier I master baited in the shower maybe like 4 hours ago. Then we had sex, and half way through the condom broke inside her and i pulled out right away but I remember earlier as we were going i saw in the tip that there was a good amount of pre cum in the condom so I am pretty sure that it entered her. Then the day after her boobs were sore and she had lower back pains, then after a week of this it went away and she was supposed to get her period because she gets it between the 20 - 23rd day all the time, and its the 23rd day and she has just very little amount of boob soreness and that it, and she says she feels like its not going to come, could she be pregnant? Because we are 17 and a child is the last thing we need. Oh and a day before we had sex she took the pill 2/ hours late. She also took pregnancy tests the last 3rd 2nd day before her peroid and it was negative.