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Can the precum on outside condom get her pregnant? Ok sooo we had sex last Saturday, the problem is there might been precum Since I put condom inside out first then put it correct. Can the precum on outside condom get her pregnant? . Her period started on March 8 . Her cycle is almost 35+ days.So her next period should be April 14-16 So when should she be ovulating? I took ovulation kit and it cane positive and said she should be ovulating next 24 to 48 But what if she already is. Aren't you supposed subtract 14 from day period begins next? Which is 21 days. And That should have been today. But she tested Wednesday. Could that amount of time cause her her pregnant? Can you get pregnant from precum? Since sperm can live inside almost 5 days. What are chances of precum(sperm) surviving and staying inside or whatever for those days until now? What are chances? Someone please explain.! I'm really worried and stressing . If it's possible and there are some chances please explain?


On the question "Can the precum on outside condom get her pregnant?" the answer is yes if there were sperm in the precum, but if the comdom had a spermicide on it, the the likelihood is that any sperm would have been killed, so the chances are very low.

If her period started 8th March and her cycle were 35 (or 37) days then her next period would be due to start 12th (or 14th) April. That would indicate ovulation 29th (or 31st) March; 14 days before 12th (or 14th) April. She would be considered fetile for ovulation day and the previous 5 days: 24th to 29th (or 26th to 31st) March. That being so, as the day you had sex was 22nd March, it would not appear to have been on a fertile day.

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