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Getting enough sleep has never been more important. We are surrounded by so much that makes demands on our attention, way into the night. Here are ten reasons to switch off and get to bed.

Sleep. No-one on earth knows why we need it. Really. There is no scientific explanation for it. But if you do not get enough of it, then you really feel it! Despite this, with our increasingly energetic and hectic lifestyles, most of us do not hit the hay until well past midnight. There is always that last message you just have to send, or the late night movie to watch. Or how about us procrastinators who can only get things done at the last minute with the help of the midnight oil? The days of using the sun as a guide to adjust our sleep patterns are long gone.

But since most people need between eight and ten hours of sleep, in order to wake at 7am with enough sleep, we should go to bed between 9 and 11 pm! When was the last time you went to sleep at 9 pm, or even 10 pm? It just does not happen.

Here are ten amazing reasons to go to bed before midnight:

1. Better Quality of Sleep

Just going to bed slightly earlier may mean a much better quality of sleep. Sleep patterns are not the same throughout the night and we go through several different stages. If you watch anyone who has been deeply asleep for a while, you will suddenly see their eyelids start to flicker and move about. This phase of sleep, called Rapid Eye Movement, is typically when we dream.

After this we fall into a very deep, restorative sleep. Getting less sleep at night could mean that a body just does not go through all the stages of sleep and is, in effect, missing out. This could be that the brain does not have the time to re-organize itself the way that it should.

2. Get Enough Rest

There is nothing worse than that sleep-deprived feeling that you have just got off a fair-ground ride – which lasts all day. Anyone who has not managed to get enough sleep to satisfy their bodily needs knows this feeling. Your body has not physically managed to get enough rest during the night to allow its rhythms to re-adjust. As a consequence, it spends the rest of the day doing nothing but craving a little more shut eye.

3. De-Stress

Just being away from the things and people that stress you out during the day for a longer period of time is the best form of meditation. Let your mind and body relax in bed and give yourself time to unwind and de-stress from all the events of the day.

4. Better Sex

Lack of sleep can build up, day after day, and some of us could find that when we are in bed and in the mood, we are simply too tired for anything too physical. The mind can be willing, but the body is not able to get up to anything too enjoyable. Getting the necessary amount of sleep every night means that when the mood strikes us, we are raring to go!

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