Hi, this is going to get a bit personal, but I'm desperate.

I've been with my first and only girlfriend a little over 6 months now. We've only had sex a few times due to busy workschedules/not living togheter yet.

She has been on the pill before with her previous BF, but got off it a few months before we started dating and since then, her periods have been regular, until this one where she is currently a week late. Any time it even seemed like we might have sex, I've worn a condom the whole time.

The first time we've had sex, I didn't manage to pull out in time and came inside a condom. I've worn it the whole time, never once entered her without one. I was very worried that she possibly may have gotten pregnant then, however I know for a fact she got her period since then, and in her own words it was a quite heavy one for what she's used to, so it wasn't implantation bleeding like I had feared. This was about the 16th of Feb and she got her period about 5-6 days later, unfortunatelly, I don't recall the exact date. So it is safe to assume she did not get pregnant then.

Fast forward a month and we finally had some time for fun. Unfortunatelly, due to a mix of work related stress/previous worrying on my part I was stressed out enough to the point where I couldn't even get hard enough to get inside her properly. I did try, but it was hardly what you'd call proper sex, I wasn't fully erect, nor did I ejaculate, and once again, I've worn a condom the whole time. This was on the 2nd or 3rd this month however, her period as of now, is one week late.

I'm very confused and scared as the only thing that she could've possibly gotten pregnant from is pre-cum, but then I've never been inside her once without a condom, I didn't ejaculate, far from it, as I was too stressed out to, and we just stopped and went to sleep.

I'm telling myself that the chances of her being pregnant from pre-cum when my penis has been nowhere near her without a condom on it is ridiculously low, however the fact is, her period is late, and I'm very, very, VERY worried she might be.

She's taking a home pregnancy test later this week to be certain but I'm legitimately worried I might have a heart attack before then, let alone what'll happen to me if it's positive...

I'm 25 and she's 27 so it's not as if we're kids, but I'm decidedly not ready to be a dad. I love her to bits and don't want to lose her for any reason whatsoever, I just don't know how to cope with all this....