A massive study of 87,000 women showed that putting on around 22 pounds after the menopause increases women’s risks of developing breast cancer by 18%. The more weight they putt on, the bigger the risks.
Obesity has been linked to breast cancer in previous studies as well and UK’s experts reveal that two-thirds of women there are obese and that obesity plays a major role in the increasing numbers of breast cancers.
It is thought that obesity increases estrogen production and that could be raising breast cancer risk that way.

Health experts say that it is never too late to lose some pounds. The problem is that few women manage to do so after the menopause as pounds don’t go down as they once did.

They also say that if weight is not maintained during the adult life, it should at least be reduced in the 50s. But I can’t stop wondering who would put their mind losing weight in their fifties when they haven’t done it their whole lives?

This is why doctors suggest maintaining normal weight throughout adult life, so that they wouldn’t have to straggle it after the menopause.