Scientists claim that they developed a drug that can potationally protect those with a family history of breast cancer. They said that mutation in the BRCA gene can be causative factor in many cases of breast cancer and this gene is the one that’s being inherited from mother to daughter. Statistics showed that women who have inherited this gene from their mothers have increased chance of developing this disease and this chance is eight times higher than in an average woman.

Researchers claim that this drug called AGO14699 could effectively vaccinate those women who have family history of breast cancer and save woman of the trauma which involves removal of their breasts. This new drug belongs to a class of anti-cancer medicines called PARP inhibitors and it’s designed to help preventing form hereditary cancers. Researchers said that it has ability to block DNA repair in the BRCA genes and destroy their chance of multiplying.

Experts claim that women who carry this gene have 50% increased risk of developing breast cancer and this drug is better than others because it has no side effects such as pain, nausea and hair loss. This drug could be available e within a decade, researchers say.