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Isn't soy a natural form of getting estrogen? I don't want to take hormones, etc. I've been going through menopause for over a year. Now I'm rapidly putting on weight. My appetite seems to be out of control, especially at night. And the headaches are getting worse. I'm really in a quadry as what to do and even though I realize taking hormones, I run the risk of the side effects, I'm tired of feeling the way I do and this weight gain is very depressing. Thank you.


I've found Dr. Millers Holy Tea and Youthin to work for me. I gained 30 lbs and had several other "issues". I swear by this product as it has helped me regain control.

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This is a period in which women put on some weight, mostly around abdomen. HRT is said to reduce and prevent weight gain although some women reported putting on weight while being on HRT. Some researchers believe that the weight they put on while on the HRT is much less than they would put if they weren’t taking the hormones.

I reckon that you should talk to your doctor and have some tests done to see if you are fit for taking hormones, to see if you belong to a cancer-risk group and if HRT would do more good than harm in your case.

Yes, soy is a natural estrogen booster. I found acupuncture quite helpful. It helped me manage my (pre)menopause symptoms and reduce cravings, so if you have acupuncture center in the neighborhood why not give them a call?

If you have been dieting and you are still putting on weight, you should check your thyroid gland.